Our Team

Dedicated to excellence and quality today, tomorrow and long into the future.

Primeseal Straps has a team built for excellence. Learn more about our integral team members below.

paresh sheladiya

Managing Director & Finance

As one of the founders of Primeseal Straps, Paresh Sheladiya has had over 13 years of experience in the packing materials industry. He joined Primeseal Straps in 2001 as a Director.Since his induction, he has handled everything from our accounts to documents to Research and Development. Paresh holds a Bachelor’s in Commerce and has extensive marketing experience.

kalpesh sheladiya

Marketing & Sales

Kalpesh brings over 15 years of experience to Primeseal Straps. With his extensive background in marketing and product manufacturing, Kalpesh manages Primeseal Straps’ day-to-day operations from domestic to international. Kalpesh carries a Bachelor’s in Commerce.

manoj dobariya

Accounts & Office Management

Manoj entered Primeseal Straps with 10 years of experience in accounting and internal management. He manages Primeseal Straps’ product dispatch, documents and accounting and oversees all billing activities. In addition, Majoj handles Primeseal Straps’ domestic and international import/export operations. Manoj holds a Bachelor’s in Commerce.

mitul dobariya

Production & General Manager

With over 12 years of experience in manufacturing and quality assurance management, Mitul ensures that every product manufactured and shipped from Primeseal Straps exceeds our customers’ expectations. Mitul's vast knowledge of international machines and operations has helped him manage our manufacturing operation here at Primeseal Straps. Mitul is also in charge of Primeseal Straps’ quality-control laboratory and ensures that all raw and manufactured plastic materials exceed regulations. Mitul holds a Bachelor’s in Commerce.

vithalbhai dobariya

Purchase Manager

Vithalbhai offers Primeseal Straps over eight years of raw materials and manufacturing experience. As the head of Primeseal Straps’ Human Resources Department, Vithalbhai ensures that every employee working within our facility keeps to our core mission and values.

Ayush Gajera

Sales & Marketing (USA)

Ayush is a usa based supplier for our extensive range of products customized to your specific needs.he operates and manages adroit global packaging supply a company based in new jersey,usa.he is a registered pharmacist, holds masters degree in industrial pharmacy and brings over 12 years of marketing experience in various usa based markets.