Pet strapping

Superior packaging materials and Pet strapping products for
today’s global marketplace.

Our polyester (P.E.T.) strapping is tested and recommended for all well- Established packaging machines. Complete quality control was the rule, and the ISO 9001:2015 quality standards. Customers from around the world can rely on our strapping.


  • We use premium raw materials and additives.
  • Alternative colors and surface types (smooth or embossed treatment)
  • The most effective substitute of the high cost steel strap
  • Very high tensile strength (similar to the strength of steel Strap up to 80%)


  • Lower cost and environmental friendly as well.
  • Best Suitable for medium to heavy application
  • Rust free and safe working.
  • High heat-resisting and lower elongation rate

Why PET Strapping is a Strong Alternative of Steel Strapping?

ECONOMY : 50% Cost saving compare to Steel Strapping because the weight of 6 meters of PET strap is Equal to 1 meter of steel strap of same size and easy handling. Corrosion Free : PET strap is rust free and chemically inert. It does not leave any stain on the pack Safety : PET strap does not have sharp edges like Steel, It will not cut or damage product. PET strap create a safe work environment for user because it does not spring back when removed, So there is no risk of injuries while tensioning or cutting the strap. Impact Resistance : The impact resistance of PET strap is five times greater than steel strap. PET strap has higher shock absorbing capacity than steel strap, so it is suitable for compressed rigid packs require? Strapping tension throughout handling & storage. Elongation Recovery : PET strap has slight elasticity and it tries to return to their original position under tension. PET strap has good elongation recovery. While steel strap has no elongation recovery. PET strap maintains strap tension by contracting with the pack in the event of pack settlement.


Material Break Strength Working Range Elongation Recovery Retained Tension Heat Resistance Humidity Resistance
PP Moderate Lowest Marginal Fair Fair High
Steel Highest Highest Negligible Highest Excellent Poor
PET Strap Good Good Good Good Good Excellent

Why PET Strapping is a Better Choice over Other Plastics?

In many Packaging applications, PET strap is the only choice because of the following reasons:
High Tensile Strength : PET strap is having more tensile strength than polypropylene strap. It maintains tensile strength for a long stretch of time with excellent shock resistance. PET strap also provides greater load stability & superior retained tension. Low Elongation : PET strap has less elongation than PP strap which means that the strap tension will not relax during pack expansion, contraction & pack settlement. Packs can therefore be moved safely even after extended period of storage or transport. Better Weather Resistance : PET Strap is virtually unaffected by Weather and harsh environment. Compared to nylon strap, PET strap has better resistant to ultra-violet rays and holds tension even in very humid conditions. PET strap has good heat resistant, It can withstand up to -30* Celsius to +80* Celsius temperature.

Recovery Capacity