quality control

Using the strictest standards to ensure superior products.

At Primeseal Straps, every product – no matter the size or complexity – is specially designed for our clients. Our team of dedicated professionals, including all customer and sales support staff, managers, directors, plant employees, supervisors, import/export specialists and quality control specialists will ensure that your product is created with the highest ethical standards including excellence, performance and integrity. It is our goal to maintain a policy of continual improvement. This approach and commitment serves our clients with high-quality, cost-effective box strapping equipment and packaging materials. Primeseal Straps has created our own in-house quality-control policy and procedures, which include a systematic approach for verifying and monitoring all products associated with our company.


Primeseal Straps frequently performs self-audits to determine our ability for meeting and exceeding global quality requirements. The goal of our self-audits is to ensure that our company is better equipped for any formal or subsequent audits by regulatory professionals.

Zero-Defect Policy

We understand how important high-quality, reliable products are for your organization. That is why it is Primeseal Straps’ quality-control policy to ensure that our employees aim for a zero-defect environment on all box strapping and packaging materials that leave our facility. We have a production process in place that allows our manufacturing and production teams to limit the number of defects. After productions, our quality-control experts inspect, test and evaluate every PP strapping and box strapping product to ensure zero defects.

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