research and development division

Constantly innovating to offer you the highest quality and latest box strapping products in the industry.

Primeseal Straps’ Research and Development professional, customer-motivated team members are aware of our clients’ constant need for box strapping customization. That is why we focus our R&D program on offering our clients a personalized approach and adaptation that allows our PP strapping rolls and packaging materials to grow with the industry.

As a manufacturer and supplier, Primeseal Straps must be continuously motivated to find the latest technology and anticipate changes in the market. Our team of experts offers our customers human and technological development support that identifies, assesses and responds to the unique requirements of our customers.

R&D experts at Primeseal Straps are constantly looking for innovations in the box strapping industry. Whether it is new materials or new concepts, we thrive on altering our product lines and procedures so that they can meet the needs of our clients today – and far into the future. All of our products are made to evolve with packaging compliance and regulatory laws. In addition, our research and development team works to anticipate changes to environmental standards, packaging regulations and safety requirements so that our products remain ahead of the curve.

If you’re ready to try an innovative box strapping product that has years of industry expertise and quality R&D behind it, contact Primeseal Straps today to get started.