semi-automatic strapping

Superior packaging materials and box strapping products for today’s global marketplace.

Primeseal Straps brand of semi-automatic polypropylene strapping is made to suit your industry and organization’s unique requirements regarding width, thickness, and tensile strength. Since our start, we have proven to be an effective metal alternative box strapping company that offers high-quality products for a fraction of the cost. In addition to offering cost-effective packaging materials, our polypropylene straps have the unique ability to take on shrinking and even setting loads – and even grow with expansion loads.

Depending on your closure method and requirements, we can provide you the box strapping efficiency that improves your company’s performance and saves significantly when it comes to labor costs.

We only use the highest-quality PP strapping materials that come from 100% virgin plastic. By doing so, we are in complete control of the quality associated with our products.